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Summary: On the surface, the Ushers have it all--a prosperous business in an upscale Scottish neighborhood, one son at Oxford, an ambitious daughter, and Sam, the adopted son, who excels at high school. But when they buy the neighboring flat to renovate, things start to go wrong--starting with an accidental fall (or was it?), and slowly growing to touch every member of the household.

I LOVED this story. It's dark and creepy enough to qualify as horror, even though there aren't any supernatural elements to it. The story is told mostly from Sam's point of view (he's actually narrating to someone after the events have transpired), and he spares nothing on his spoiled, spiteful family. Of course, there's a twist to it, so I can't go into too much detail. This is an atmosphere book--a creepy, gothic story about lust, greed, and ambition. Highly recommended.